Graduated from Wayne High School in 1994

Graduated Midland Lutheran College class of 1999

Majored in Education (Physical Education)

Master’s in Educational Administration – Wayne State College

Doctorate in Educational Administration – UNO

Current Occupation: Assistant Superintendent of Operations – Bennington Public Schools

Married – Wife Sarah and children Isaac and Ally

Current hobbies – Golf, going to concerts, cooking and attending my kid’s activities

Favorite Class – Band

Favorite Teacher – Mr. Weber

Fondest memory of being a Blue Devil: I enjoyed the bus rides to and from athletic events and band competitions where I would visit with friends, relive the games, and listen to music.


Gradated From Wayne High School in 2006

Graduated From Wayne State College

Major in History and Political Science/ Minor in Public Administration and Business

Current Occupation – Mayor City of Wayne and Nebraska State Director for Center for Infrastructure and Economic Development

Not Married

Current Hobbies – Running and Golf

Favorite Class – Foods and Nutrition with Karen Schardt

Favorite Teacher – Mr. Spieker

Fondest Memory of being a Blue Devil: During my first semester of college I realized how well the Wayne Community Schools had prepared me for my educational journey. One of the things that makes Wayne so special is the entire support system surrounding our youth – the school serving as the central pillar. I feel a great deal of gratitude to all the teachers, staff, and community members who have helped and inspired me along the way. Go Blue Devils!



Graduated 2002

Graduated University of Nebraska Lincoln – Major in History with Minor in Philosophy and Political Science

Advanced Degrees J.D. Stanford Law School

Current Occupation – Attorney Chief Federal Public Defender for Iowa

Married – Katelyn Wilson No Children

Current Hobbies – Spending time with my wife, parents, and sisters and their families; spending time with our dogs; running marathons, half-marathons, and ultra-marathons; consistently being disappointed by Nebraska Cornhuskers athletics.

Favorite Class – It would be difficult to choose a favorite class or teacher. I had a universally great experience.

Fondest Memory of being a Blue Devil – I have many good memories, so it is difficult to choose the fondest. I will say that winning the state cross-country team championship during our senior year was likely the best, in part because so many of my classmates were on the cross-country team (both varsity and JV), and it was wonderful to celebrate with them all.



Graduated 2004

Graduated University of South Dakota Major Business Management/HR

Current Occupation: Executive Director at Kinship Pointe in Wayne

Married – Spouse Bryan Hays and Children Karter, Trent, Adalynn, and Beau Rowdy

Current Hobbies – Attending children activities and volunteering with several organizations in Wayne

Fondest memory of being a Blue Devil – Attending sporting events and the pride with being part of the long standing Marching Band.



Graduated 2012

Graduated from University of Nebraska Lincoln – Major Biochemistry with Minors in Chemistry, Math, and Humanities

Advanced Degree – Juris Doctor – Duke University

Current Occupation – Attorney at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan

Marital Status – Engaged to Alexander Sentner

Current Hobbies – I still enjoy running. I also enjoy traveling, attending concerts, and most of all supporting the Cornhuskers.

Favorite Class – Anatomy

Favorite Teacher – Dale Hochstein

Fondest Memory of being a Blue Devil – My fondest memories are of supporting my classmates at their athletic events including basketball, football, volleyball, softball, baseball games and track meets.



Graduated 1998

Graduated from Wayne State College – Major Chemistry 

Graduated Medical School 2005 UNMC

Current Occupation – Family Physician and Vaccine Researcher in Sioux City Area

Married – Spouse Kellie and Children Zach and Zane

Current Hobbies – Crossfit and watching boys in their various sports

Favorite Class – Geometry

Favorite Teacher – Mr. Porter

Fondest memory as a Blue Devil – Making State cross country meet as a freshman on the team. (a reporter came up to our team and stated that he picked us to win Class B and we proceeded to get 5th)




Graduated 1993

Graduated Wayne State College 1997 – Major Political Science

Current Occupation – CEO Onestaff Medical

Married – Spouse Katie, Children – Alexis, Cean, Kael, Jace and Kyra

Current Hobbies – I spend a lot of my time coaching my 10 year old’s baseball and football teams. When I have some time outside of that I love to pretend I am good at gold.

Favorite Class – PE

Favorite Teacher – Lonnie Erhardt

Fondest memory of being a Blue Devil – Playing football as a freshman and getting into a varsity game and scoring a touchdown. First freshman for Coach Erhardt to score since he was at a previous school he had told me