The Wayne Community Schools Foundation awards several scholarships each year. The foundation gives out it’s own scholarship and houses scholarships that have been set up as memorials or alumni giving back to current Wayne Community Schools students. A list of all of the scholarships can be seen below. If you wish to donate to any of these scholarships and help students with their academic future, click HERE. Pictures of the 2022 scholarship winners can also be seen below.

  • Wayne Community Schools Foundation Scholarship
  • Mavis Dalton Memorial Scholarship
  • Darrel D. Heier Memorial Scholarship
  • Edith Huse Wightman Memorial Scholarship
  • Bob Keating Memorial Scholarship
  • Matthew J. Meyer Leadership Award
  • Tesse Moser Community College Scholarship
  • Kevin Murray Memorial Scholarship and Leadership Award
  • Dennis Otte Memorial Scholarship
  • Nana M. Peterson Memorial Scholarship
  • Fred & Violet Rickers Scholarship

Wayne Community Schools Foundation Scholarship – Courtney Brink, Amara Hurlbert, Jaydyn Jorgensen and Kiara Krusemark

Mavis Dalton Memorial Scholarship