12th Annual Alumni Basketball and Volleyball Tournament Scheduled for Easter Weekend

As the balls continue to the bounce in the gym and the whistles continue to sound, so does the call for teams for the 12th Annual Alumni Volleyball and Basketball Tournament.  On Friday, April 15th and Saturday, April 16th the Wayne-area gymnasiums will be buzzing with Blue Devil Alumni who will take part in friendly basketball and volleyball competitions.  Last year we hosted over 140 alumni throughout the tournaments.  Though some games can become quite competitive for the Alumni Tournament Championship title, the weekend is a great time for our alumni to reconnect with old friends, some new friends, and the Wayne Community.  Last year’s winners were in the Basketball Blue Division the Class of 2015-16, Basketball Black Division the Class of 2033, and Volleyball the Class of 2003-08.

Basketball games will be played at the Wayne Elementary School, Wayne High School, and the Community Activity Center.  Volleyball games will be played at the Community Activity Center.  Proceeds from the tournament will go to the Wayne Community Schools Foundation.    We invite you to come up and watch the Blue Devil Alumni prove they still have what it takes to compete!  If you have interest in helping to sponsor the event or sponsoring a team, please feel free to contact Brandon Foote at [email protected]  Thank you for your support of the Wayne Community Schools Foundation.

Last year’s winners: Volleyball the Class of 2003-08, Basketball Blue Division the Class of 2015-16, and Basketball Black Division the Class of 2003.

Class of 2003-08

Class of 2015-16

Class of 2003